Precision, Sophistication, and Efficiency: Treasury Management Software on Dynamics for Your Business Loans

Amplify Your Capital Efficiency with Our Loan Management Software on Dynamics

Our Treasury Management Software, tightly integrated with Dynamics 365 for finance and operations helps to streamline the entire loan lifecycle from origination to its redemption by efficiently tracking borrower data and loan terms.

Minimize expensive errors and increase efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings. With compliance ensured at every stage of the loan process, our software offers a secure and reliable solution for your business. Don’t settle for less, upgrade your loan management today!

Robust Features on Our Cutting-edge Software to Transform Your Loan Management

Our market-leading Lending Management System on Dynamics is equipped with an extensive range of unparalleled features, empowering your business with the tools necessary to optimize your capital management process.

Loan Memorandum
Loan Contract
Loan disbursement
Manage instalments
Inquiries & Reports
Loan Memorandum
  • Our custom Loan Management System on Dynamics formulates and customizes loan memorandum based on requested dates, requestor, currency, amount, and purpose.
  • Solution helps users manage and submit pre-configured loan approval workflows with multiple levels of approvals.
Loan Contract
  • Our Lending Management System on Dynamics generates revolving/non-revolving types of loan contracts.
  • Loan contracts can be categorized as short-term and long-term and as secured and unsecured.
  • User can setup simple/complex workflows with multiple levels of approvals.
  • Create loan contracts with the start date and expiration date in the requested currency and apply appropriate management fees.
  • Easy setup and modify interest percentages and Libor/Saibor percentages.
  • View the utilized amount and the remaining amount in the loan contracts.
  • Renew existing loan with ease and convenience through the renewal dates.
  • Track securities/collaterals against the loan like property, cash, certificates of deposit, equipment, stock, letter of credit, etc.
  • Easily view the percentage of loans covered by collaterals with coverage ratios for property, stock, cash deposit, and other collaterals
Loan disbursement
  • Our advanced Treasury Management System on D365 facilitates loan disbursement with customized loan contracts in requested currency, management fees, and penalty charges.
  • Customize and modify interest percentages and Libor/Saibor percentages with ease.
  • Get a clear picture of the utilized amount and balance as per loan contract.
  • Streamline loan disbursement with start date, maturity date, and disbursement amount.
Manage instalments.
  • Schedule repayment instalments with monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, or one-time payments.
  • Generate a complete instalment schedule with instalment amount, start and end date.
  • Generate the schedule of interest payments with interest amount, start and end-date based on repayment schedule.
  • Generate the schedule of Libor interest payment with interest amount, start and end date.
  • Add and manage additional charge details to loan instalments.
  • Seamlessly integrate with General Ledger for loan liability, instalments, interest, and other charges.
  • Pre-close loans with penalty charges if applicable.
Inquiries & Reports

Our all-encompassing Loan Management System on Dynamics generates various reports required to efficiently manage your business loans, this includes:

  • Loan details report
  • Installment paid details report.
  • Bank facility summary and details report
  • Payment details report
  • Pending amount report

Achieve Financial Serenity by Managing Your Business Capital with Our

Loan Management Software on Dynamics

Master the art of effective debt management. Get started today!

How Can Our Loan Management Software Benefit Your Business’s Capital Management?

Dynamic Netsoft’s Treasury Management System provides optimal loan supervision with multiple benefits, such as

Complete visibility
Human error elimination
Prevention of payment delays
Centralized and secured data storage.
Data-driven decision making
Streamlined loan request management.
Efficient loan approval process
Flexibility in loan terms and management
Easy and accurate loan distribution
Cost-effective & Time-saving
Accurate interest tracking
Improved loan security by efficient collateral tracking
Effective loan repayment planning
Detailed payment tracking
Proficient loan monitoring
Our Global Customers
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the use of Treasury management software?

Treasury management software is used by companies to efficiently manage their cash and financial operations. It helps in managing various banking facilities, loans, collaterals, and interest payments. The software provides an efficient and easy way to handle these financial transactions, ultimately maximizing the company’s shareholder value.

Is reporting available in this system?

Yes, reporting is available in the treasury management software. The system provides various reports such as loan details reports, payment details reports, bank facility summary and details reports, and pending amount reports, which can be used to monitor the loan disbursement, installment payments, and other financial activities of the organization.

What organizations need Loan Management System?

Loan management system is beneficial for a variety of organizations, including financial institutions, microfinance institutions, credit unions, & other lending organizations that need to manage loan portfolios. Additionally, loan management software can be useful for businesses that offer loans to their customers as a part of their operations.

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