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Dynamic Netsoft Technologies stands at the forefront of excellence as a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and ERP consulting services firm. With a decade-long legacy, we've been persistent in our mission to refine business processes and facilitate operational automation through our specialized expertise and innovative solutions.

Presently, we are the most preferred partner for Property and construction enterprises, guiding them through a holistic digital transformation. Our global team of seasoned experts has consistently elevated process management, boosting productivity, and curbing operational expenses for organizations across the globe. Our top-tier Microsoft ISV solutions, meticulously designed for industry verticals, have been awarded and recognized for their ability to address the nuanced challenges posed by demanding customers.


We are committed to enhancing the time-to-value of our clients, throughout the application life cycle. We are dedicated to technological advancements that streamline the entire application journey, ranging from installation, configuration, integration, deployment, utilization, and upgrades. Our comprehensive services, meticulously designed at Dynamic Netsoft, revolve around optimizing your solution's value, safeguarding investments, and elevating organizational productivity. Our service plans entail valuable benefits, such as access to software updates, including hotfixes, service packs, tax and regulatory updates, and major releases. Furthermore, we commit to ensuring the compatibility of our Vertical Solution with all Microsoft Dynamics AX releases, allowing our clients to align upgrades with their strategic business objectives effectively.

We aspire to redefine digital transformation, particularly within the Property and construction industry, by guiding our clients in adopting cutting-edge trends and best practices across Microsoft platforms and services. Our vision is clear: to be recognized worldwide as the leader in enabling and catalyzing the digital transformation of the Property and Construction Industry, setting new standards of excellence along the way.

Our mission at Dynamic Netsoft is to empower enterprises with exceptional operational capabilities. Our primary focus is on delivering excellence through advanced ERP/CRM solutions and next-generation SaaS services, to elevate organizational functionalities to extraordinary levels. We achieve this mission by leveraging the collective expertise of world-class professionals and adhering to the highest implementation standards. With a persistent focus on excellence, innovation, and client-centricity, we strive to be the driving force behind enterprises' journeys to achieve remarkable operational excellence, sustaining growth and success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Methodology

Diagnostic Phase

This initial stage involves understanding business needs, assessing current systems, and identifying key stakeholders to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Analysis Phase

Here, we dive deeper into business requirements and create a solution plan. We also develop a project timeline, clarify roles, and estimate costs.

Design Phase

During this phase, we design the solution and document its requirements. We also plan testing, outline training needs, and identify customizations.

Development Phase

Now, we build the solution and any necessary custom features. We rigorously test it to ensure it meets business requirements.

Deployment Phase

This phase includes installing the solution, migrating data, and final testing by users. We also carry out training and complete the deployment.

Operation Phase

In this ongoing phase, we provide continuous support, maintenance, and improvements to keep the solution running smoothly.

Our Journey

Our journey at Dynamic Netsoft has been a series of deliberate and transformative phases, each marked by significant milestones and achievements.

Phase 1: Inception
Phase 2: Investment
Phase 3: Growth
Phase 4: Consolidation
Phase 5: Expansion
Phase 6: Aspiration
Phase 1: Inception

We commenced this voyage in 2011, with the opening of our R&D Centre in Chennai, India. This marked the inception of our ISV solutions, laying the foundation for what would become our hallmark of innovation.

Phase 2: Investment

Our horizons expanded as we ventured into Riyadh in 2013, extending our operations to the Middle East. During this phase, we welcomed key customers onboard, building vital relationships that continue to thrive.

Phase 3: Growth

We achieved coveted milestones, including Microsoft Gold certification and CfMD recognition for our ISV products in 2015.

Phase 4: Consolidation

A significant leap, as we obtained D365 certification and attained CSP T1 status in 2019. Our ISV products found a home on Microsoft App Source, making them more accessible to our global audience.

Phase 5: Expansion

Our journey culminated in global recognition as a Microsoft One Commercial Partner in 2020. Our ISV products achieved MS co-sell readiness, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Phase 6: Aspiration

We continue to evolve, now pioneering the development of new SaaS products for the Property Sector, utilizing a subscription-based model. This phase represents our unwavering dedication to meeting evolving market demands and driving industry transformation.

Rent Appraisal
  • periodically appraise the rent and associated components to stay aligned with the ever-changing market conditions.
  • Our Property Lease Management software also maintains a comprehensive history of rent appraisals, facilitating a better understanding of market trends.
  • Our Property Leasing Management Solution on Microsoft Dynamics features a range of analytics and reporting modules that enable you to customize reports.
  • Offers aging analyses of tenants, with the ability to analyze multiple levels of data, facilitating better decision-making processes.
  • Allows access to historical data on accounts receivable and unearned revenue, including as-of records, facilitating the financial performance of your properties.
  • Offers a dashboard that provides an overview of occupancy, vacancy, collections, gross revenue, and rent per unit area, allowing for effective monitoring and coherent analysis of key performance indicators.

Why Dynamic Netsoft Technologies

  • Extensive Experience: Over a decade of global ERP implementation expertise.
  • Microsoft Gold Partner: Recognized for excellence in Dynamics 365 solutions and services.
  • ISV and Cloud Expertise:Distinguished as a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Cloud Service Provider.
  • Proven Success: Demonstrated track record of customer satisfaction and success with medium to large enterprises.
  • Milestone Approach: A systematic approach to achieving benefits through carefully planned implementation milestones.
  • User-Centric Pioneers: Leading the way in enhancing customer adoption and end-user productivity.
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Our Promise

At Dynamic Netsoft Technologies, our promise is to simplify the application lifecycle for your organization. We are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions and support, ensuring that your business can thrive in today's dynamic and competitive environment. Whether you're considering a move to cloud computing or seeking to optimize your operations, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Your success is our ultimate goal, and we look forward to initiating this transformative journey with you. We will persistently innovate to empower digital transformation around the world.

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