Expedite operational success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bid Management Software

Boost your Business Competitiveness with Dynamic Netsoft’s Intelligent

Dynamic Netsoft’s Bid Management software on Dynamics offers a comprehensive toolset to seamlessly navigate the intricate landscape of bid complexities, effortlessly streamline BOQ costing, and harness the power of our robust price simulator tools.

With seamless integration to our procurement module, efficiently process RFQs and achieve unparalleled bid finalization. Elevate your bidding prowess and transcend industry standards with our sophisticated Bid Management Solution.

Navigate the Complexities of Bidding with the Best Bid Management Software

With our Bid Management tools, you can wave goodbye to the risks and errors of using generic spreadsheets. This benchmark solution enables advanced and consistent Bid estimating processes, minimizing the complexity of Bid evaluation. The Bid Management software on Dynamics offers an array of advanced features that provides ease of use and speed of business in Bid tracking and analysis.

Bid Creation
Bid Costing
Price Simulation
Integration with Procurement
Bid Finalization & Project Contracts
Bid Creation
  • Our simple and effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bid Management Software efficiently manages the Bid process’s complexity.
  • Features to track Bid submission date, closing date, and other relevant milestones with timely alerts.
  • Comprehensive tender evaluation with an in-depth analysis of the scope of work and bid bond details.
  • Thorough risk analysis, enabling clients to make informed decisions.
Bid Costing
  • Our high-performance Dynamics 365 Bid Management software offers convenient import utility of BOQ from Excel.
  • Detailed costing for each BOQ, accounting for labor, equipment, item, and other relevant expenses.
  • Advanced costing, markup, and pricing features of our Bid Management Software on Dynamics enable optimal cost allocation of indirect costs during project costing.
  • Robust workflow approvals for the cost sheets and bids before the bid submission.
Price Simulation
  • Innovative mark-up and price simulator tools of our Bid Management Software on Dynamics empowers clients to simulate various scenarios.
  • Applying mark-up percentages for BOQ items until they achieve the desired level of price and margin.
  • Maintenance of revision history for cost sheets and bids, periodically.
Integration with Procurement
  • Experience smooth integration with the procurement module to process RFQs with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bid Management Software.
  • Obtain quotations from vendors, facilitating an accurate estimation of the bid price.
Bid Finalization & Project Contracts
  • With our innovative Microsoft Dynamic 365 Bid Management Software, experience end-to-end process conversion of Bids in the Dynamics D365 project module.
  • Real-time update of the opportunity with bid details and tracking of Win-Loss ratio.
  • Seamless transfer of Bid details, including BOQ hierarchy, to Project WBS, Project Forecasts, and Item requirements by our Bid Management Software on Dynamics enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Master the Art of Winning Contracts with Dynamic Netsoft’s

Bid Management Software

Streamline your Bidding Process with the fastest and the most efficient Bid Management tool in the market. Your smart way to bid and win!!!

Discover the unmatched benefits of Choosing our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bid Management Software

Experience advanced features of our bid management software, built on the market-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of integrated Project management features for business benefits.

Enhance bid efficiency and effectiveness
Reduce the complexity of cost sheet analysis
Streamline bid creation and submission process
Efficiently manage customer RFQs/RFPs
Access pre-existing or customized templates
Automate workflow and milestone approvals
Gain visibility into historical bids and details
Generate actionable reports and documents
Convert estimates into projects seamlessly
Achieve optimal pricing and margins
Integrate with the procurement module
Update opportunity details and win-loss ratio
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is bid management software?

Bid management software is a solution that assists users in managing and documenting customer RFQs/RFPs and developing accurate bids for material and service contracts. It aids in bid creation, costing, price simulation, risk analysis, and more.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 bid management Software is required for your industry?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 bid management software streamlines RFQs/RFPs processing develops accurate bids and effectively integrates with project accounting, supply chain, and sales & marketing modules ensuring optimized profits and minimized risks.

Who uses bid management software?

Bid management software is used by estimators, project managers, and business development teams in industries such as construction, engineering, architecture & planning, manufacturing, IT, and investment professionals for business clarity and more.

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