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Optimize Your HR Operations with Our Advanced Payroll Solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365

AXOnePay, our cloud-based tax-compliant Payroll software on Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to effortlessly manage and track all employee details, including employee dependents, family members, and their relevant information. The system empowers you to efficiently handle attendance, overtime, performance-linked incentives, leaves, expense reimbursements, and various deductions mandated by labor and tax laws.

Client-centric Features of Microsoft Dynamics HR Management Solution to Amplify Your Operational Efficiency

The robust features of our Payroll Solution on Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations act as catalysts for your business growth by streamlining HR and payroll operations, ensuring compliance, enhancing efficiency, and enabling strategic decision-making.

Company Parameters
Employee Loans
Employee transactions
Employee Payments
Salary Processing
Consolidated Reports for Finance and Payroll
Document Management
Employee self-service
Company Parameters
  • Our advanced Dynamics 365 Payroll Module aids in setting up company parameters based on the specific Labour Law requirements of each country.
  • Ability to define Employee Master based on Employee types, Employee Groups, and other customizable criteria, Configuring Departments, contract Profession, Iqama Profession, Nationalities, Religion, Job positions, Relation Types, and other intricate aspects.
  • Flexibility in defining End of Service Ranges for all employees, ensuring compliance and setup of essential Company documents, with a well-documented and organized system.
  • Our Dynamics 365 HR Management Software allows the configuration of multiple annual vacation types, including precise durations such as 21 days, 30 days, and more.
  • Provides flexibility to define distinct calculation methodologies for vacation pay, catering to both collective and individual employee requirements.
  • Enables accurate calculation of vacation balances for different types, with customizable options for carry-forward or non-carry-forward policies.
  • Ensures meticulous validation of employee leave balances during leave transactions, eliminating errors and maintaining accurate records.
Employee Loans
  • The all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hr & Payroll Solution facilitates the setting of a diverse range of loan types, encompassing personal loans, salary advances, car loans, and more.
  • Empowers the inclusion or exclusion of loan deductions during the monthly payroll calculation, ensuring meticulous customization and precision.
  • Offers the flexibility to suspend loans for a specified period, allowing for temporary relief or adjustment as needed.
Employee transactions
  • Our Microsoft Payroll Software allows the configuration of additional transactions related to overtime, loss of pay, and various other intricate additions or deductions to the monthly payroll.
  • Offers the capability to meticulously record and track Government Relation Officer Transactions, ensuring compliance and efficient follow-up actions.
  • Enables the seamless recording and tracking of Business Trip transactions, facilitating accurate expense management and reimbursement processes.
  • Provides the ability to define and manage fixed assets issued to employees, ensuring proper documentation and tracking of valuable resources.
Employee Payments
  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR & Payroll Solution facilitates the posting of payment vouchers to employees through diligently designed workflows, offering versatile options such as Bank transfer, check, cash, and more.
  • Enables the comprehensive recording of payments related to loans, loans repayment, vacation pay, monthly salary, and other financial aspects through streamlined Payroll Disbursements.
Salary Processing
  • Our advanced solution of HR & Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations offers sophisticated salary processing options, allowing customization by employee, department, and employee groups for precise and tailored remuneration management.
  • Provides the flexibility to halt salary payments for specific employees, ensuring control and accuracy in the disbursement process, and enables seamless integration of vacation pay with the monthly payroll, simplifying the handling of comprehensive employee compensation.
  • Offers convenient email options to effortlessly send pay slips to employees, ensuring efficient and secure communication of sensitive information and integrates seamlessly with banking systems by generating the required Bank file format for swift and error-free salary transfers.
Consolidated Reports for Finance and Payroll
  • Our innovative Payroll Solution on Dynamics 365 provides an integrated platform to access comprehensive and consolidated payroll and accounting reports, enabling a holistic view of financial and payroll data in a centralized location.
  • Enhances visibility into payroll expenses, offering a deeper understanding and analysis of financial implications associated with remuneration.
  • Empowers businesses with actionable insights by presenting critical financial and payroll information in a coherent and organized manner.
Document Management
  • This sophisticated HR & Payroll Solution on Dynamics 365 allows you to effortlessly generate customized letters, encompassing bank loans, account openings, and letters of experience, utilizing the versatile document template feature, enhanced by configurable approval levels facilitated through intricate workflows.
  • Seamlessly receive notifications and obtain approvals via email, ensuring efficient collaboration and streamlined document management processes.
Employee self-service
  • Our Market-leading Payroll software on Dynamics 365 enables convenient access to comprehensive employee information, including payslips, via the Enterprise Portal.
  • Empower employees to effortlessly generate payslips for any desired month, further enhancing transparency and autonomy in their financial management.
  • Facilitate the seamless initiation of requests for leaves and loans directly from the portal, ensuring a streamlined workflow process for approval.
  • Generate automated leave and loan transactions based on the approved requests, thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing administrative burden.

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AXOnePay: A Fusion of Uncompromised Precision & Unmatched Expertise in Payroll Management!

How Can Our Microsoft-powered Payroll Software Drive Your Business Growth?

As your business grows, so do the complexities of managing your employee information and payroll requirements. Discover the benefits of our Payroll management Solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces.

Faster & accurate payroll execution
Customized payment analysis & reports
Accurate vacation calculations and tracking
Save time with pre-configured workflows
Eliminate errors from manual & legacy systems
Quick tracking of historical payroll information
Manage all pay groups from a single window.
Regional Norms & legal compliance
Quick workflow for leave management
Advanced salary processing options
Efficient document management
Secured & advanced self-service portal (ESS)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do companies need Microsoft Dynamics payroll software?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payroll Software empowers enterprises by effectively managing, automating, and maintaining accurate employee payments. Through its robust integration and meticulous configuration, this comprehensive software helps organizations reduce cost, save time and maintain compliance with tax laws and other financial regulations.

Can multiple users operate on Microsoft Payroll Software?

Yes, Our Dynamics 365 Payroll Software supports multiple users, allowing different individuals within an organization to access and utilize the software simultaneously. This enables efficient collaboration, streamlined workflows, and secure access control, ensuring that authorized users can effectively manage and process payroll data.

Can I create multiple companies and multiple branches with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payroll Solution?

Certainly! Our Payroll Management Software provides the flexibility to create and manage multiple companies and branches within the system. You can easily set up separate entities, define specific parameters and configurations, and effectively handle payroll operations for each company and branch individually. This ensures seamless management and accurate processing across your organization’s diverse structure.

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