Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio Management

MS Dynamics Investment Portfolio Management Solution from Dynamic Netsoft offers complete business processes integration and functionalities to manage your investment-related transactions. By tracking your investments directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX, you can significantly cut down your back-end processing time to increase accounting productivity. Working from a centralized system, you can cut down consolidation needs and gain a complete picture of your financial position from all your investment activities.

MS Dynamics Investment Portfolio Management Solution enables decision-makers to access the most current & updated information instantly. You could see your entire financial position, from Buy/Sell transactions to Gain/Loss transactions. With detailed audit trails getting continually generated from your investment activities, you can see both the high-level and low-level details of your investments. It has an excellent set of reports to accurately forecast and track cash flows within your organization.

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    Master Data Management

    • Define Investment Types based on your business needs
    • Complete Data management by defining Portfolio Strategies
    • Define Risk Types
    Portfolio Management

    • Define Portfolios and the partner associations for the portfolio
    • Record Partner transactions Payments, Withdrawals, Share of profit and Loss
    • Define the KPIs and the risk factors associated with the KPIs
    Investment Management

    • Define Investments for myriad of companies based on the Investment types
    • Record multiple Investment transactions based on the Investment Types such as Buy, Sell, Share of Dividend income / loss etc., Revaluation of Investment
    • Calculate the NAVs and Market Average Price
    • Automate your master/feeder transactions by uploading the Market Info from Internet
    • Use Weighted Average method to calculate the Average Cost price for an Investment
    • Periodically calculate the Average rate gain / loss for any Investment be it Stock / Share/ Mutual Fund

    • Define base currency and local currencies for an instrument and/or broker/custodian level. Track cost, valuations and cash flows in both local and base currencies
    • Cash for trades and corporate actions for an instrument can be settled in a different currency vs, instrument currency
    • Set individual exchange rate for each trade, or for the portfolio as a whole or both. Multiple exchange rates for same date
    • Track Market gain and FX gain separately
    • All amounts are tracked both in local and base currencies, in General Ledger
    • Load Exchange rates from custom sources

    • Track Performance by industries, strategies, geography and any other user-definable sectors or investment groups
    • Compare performance against specified indices (standard or custom/blended)
    • View total or annualized rate of return for a sector, instrument, portfolio, investor, broker account, custom portfolio etc., on a chart or report

    • Efficiently Manage Your Investment Portfolio
    • Streamline Investment Administration
    • Strengthen Investor Relations
    • Monitor the Risks identified in the Investments
    • Increase Investment Accounting Efficiency
    • Improve Investment Reporting