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Financial Services

At Dynamics Netsoft we field some of the strongest and most experienced teams for the implementation of Dynamics 365 and integrated ISV solutions for the financial industry. Our team of experts helps Organizations in gaining maximum financial visibility and profitability through the implementation of the financial management and reporting features from Microsoft ERP. Implementation also includes functions across Cost management and accounting, Expense management, Cash flow, and many other features across the Financial and Control areas.

With our process integration, users can benefit from accurate financial decision making, decrease financial complexity and reduce overall costs across the Enterprise. The fundamental aim is to unify and automate all business processes which mandates financial implications and visibility. Our global experience in implementation helps customers take advantage of many unique features like Global entry forms, Exchange rate integration, Localization, Bank recompilation, Audit facilities, Budget planning & control, and management reports. Loan management functions provide specific areas of capabilities provided by our unique customized solutions.

Our ISV solutions Investment Portfolio management and Treasury management integrated with the Dynamics 365 solution provide features and capabilities beyond conventional implementation. Buy/Sell, & Gain/Loss transactions provide visibility and instant information on all investments. The high-level and low-level details and report dashboards provide accurate forecasts and track cash flows.

Key Features:

  • Investment Parameters
  • Risk Analysis
  • Document Management
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Master Level Data-Store
  • Designated Transaction Area
  • Periodic Activity Analysis
  • Periodic Market-Price Revaluation
  • Easy Enquires Management
  • Open Platform for Integration

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