Property Leasing

Property Leasing

Purpose - Built for The New Real Estate Reality

Property Leasing from RealEstatePro solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX gives your Real Estate Management team the core administrative tools to help them manage property leasing functions. Features include renewals and appraisals across the organization for more efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Company’s Property information is stored in a structured, easily retrievable format for easy access and utilization. Features also include centralized management of properties and individual units across the organization. This facilitates features like breakup of the lease components, and assets linked to individual units helping in better operations.

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    Users can get a detailed overview of Property/Units at the click of a button providing convenience and capacity for improved work efficiency. Users can track invoices and collections throughout the system using Lease numbers, view documents related to a property such as the unit plan, furnishing details etc. The solution also provides direct access to information on available/vacant units and against which customers are currently registered.

    With Dynamic Netsoft Leasing customers across properties, malls, retail, warehouses etc. It can also gain insight on Property lease invoices, revenues & collections. Features of the solution include control leases, renewals, utility payments, lease terminations and rent appraisals to reduce the complexity and time of lease operations.

    Salient Features

    • Lease Management with multiple options of Single unit / merged units.
    • Maintain lease contracts with unfurnished to fully furnished units.
    • Maintain lease contracts in Gregorian and Hijri Calendars.
    • Manage payments with multiple options of Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly & Monthly.
    • Calculate Contract value with a comprehensive rate matrix with multiple rental break ups.
    • Manage furnishings details of units provided along with the lease contracts
    • Generate Lease Contracts and archive pdf versions of signed contracts.
    Easy to use

    • Intuitive layout and structure with user-adjustable menus, forms and reports with built-in help.
    • Multi Language Interface Both Arabic and English.
    Property Management

    • Maintain properties by using up to three hierarchies such as Property group, Property, Floors and Individual units.
    • Manage the furnishings provided to the units and link to the Fixed Assets.
    • Maintain rent values, standard charges & rates.
    • Split & Merge Units to make the unit easily leasable.
    • Maintain unlimited Unit Types such as apartment, villa, office shop, kiosks etc.
    Marketing & Reservation

    • Perform opportunity management, reservation analysis, and measure rental revenues against targets.
    • Generate multiple Rental quotations for single / multiple units, link with opportunities and leads.
    • Use AX Sales & Marketing for Lead & opportunity management and analysis.
    • Maintain Payments for Reservations and knock-off the payments against the Lease contracts.
    Contract / lease Management

    • Lease Management with multiple options Single unit / merged units.
    • Maintain leases with unfurnished to fully furnished units.
    • Maintain leases in Gregorian and Hijri Calendars.
    • Manage the Payment frequency with multiple options Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly & Monthly.
    • Calculation of Contract value with a comprehensive rate matrix with multiple rental break ups.
    • Manage the furnishings provided along with the leases.
    • Capability to generate Lease Contracts and archive pdf version of signed contracts.
    Rent Appraisals / Lease Renewals

    • Maintain periodic history of rent appraisals for the units.
    • Maintain multiple increments / rent revisions for leases.
    • Track the history of rent revisions against the generated revenues.
    • Renew leases with options to renew the payment terms, extension of duration and increment / decrement in the lease values.
    Revenue recognition

    • Calculation and breakdown of the Unearned Revenue and reconciliation of opening and ending monthly balances with Rental Revenue and rental collections.
    • Calculation and breakdown of the accounting Rental Revenue on a monthly basis on a straight-line basis.

    • User customizable reports giving users the ability to pick information to be displayed on reports.
    • Ageing analysis of the tenants on multiple levels.
    • Ability to inquire and generate reports on all historical data including as-of records of AR and unearned revenue.
    • Dashboard on occupancy, vacancy, collections, gross revenue, rent per unit area.