Our Support

As a company established and operated by Technology & ERP professionals Dynamic Netsoft offers a range of services by experts from across the industry. These include:

Reengineering: Starting from scratch we identify through careful analysis and planning the best-benchmarked practices for Organizations. Ranging from operational functions, across the supply chain and including Finance & Operations and HR, we provide expert consultation across the Enterprise. We design customer experience functions beyond the Enterprise developing strategies and execution capabilities that make companies ETDBW for their business partners.

Business Process Management: Streaming processes and functions across the Organization to meet modern-day demands is a nightmare for most Organizations. These challenges can include a lack of resources, benchmark templates, and a modern perspective as to legacy systems and outlooks. Our certified and experienced professionals help design and implement strategies like ‘Out to in’, ‘Value chain management’ etc. to address these requirements.

Outsourcing: As experts in the field, we provide resources on consultation and hire to provide expertise across ERP implementations and in specific Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our carefully selected and experienced professionals lend a capable support and operations capability for Organizations. From operations, consultation and customization we have experts from across different functions and technology.

AMC: Our AMC contracts are competitive and reliable for Organizations that require extended support for their ERP implementation. We also offer periodic contracts depending on customer requirements on a time-based and task-based effort. Our contracts can meet various functions of classic implementations including third-party integration and customization. Our support can also be 24/7 based on the needs of customers, especially for global customers with operations across the world or mission-critical functions of an enterprise.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. The definition of enterprise resource planning is an integrated software solution used to manage a company’s resources. ERP systems integrate all business management functions, including planning, inventory/materials management, engineering, order processing, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting and finance, human resources, and more.

Why implement an ERP system?

ERP software integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs. ERP combines finance, HR, manufacturing and distribution all together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other. This integrated approach can have a tremendous payback provided the software is installed and used correctly.

What makes ERP solution different from others?

ERP is an 100% indigenous ERP solution made exclusively for Indian Manufacturers. A genuine web-based, user-friendly ERP, eresource is with data elements which is required for users in different departments. Eresource ERP enables users to connect on to a central system from all the branches/locations, departments. Its web-capability keeps the cost of maintenance at the lowest level also minimize the infrastructure cost. One of the other highlights of eresource ERP is that the software could be used from more than one location without buying an additional license. Eresource is technology independent. That means, it can work on LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

What is the time frame to implement eresource ERP?

We are proud to say that our implementation process is fastest in the world today. Our on-time implementation guarantees 100 percent go-live in just three months.

What are the benefits of an ERP System?

The benefits derived from ERP can far outweigh the costs of the system, providing that the system is selected carefully and is appropriate for your company from a feature, cost, and technology standpoint. Some of the benefits realized are:

  • A single integrated system
  • Streamlining processes and workflows
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes
  • Establish uniform processes that are based on recognized best business practices
  • Information sharing across departments
  • Improved access to information
  • Improved workflow and efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction based on improved on-time delivery, increased quality, shortened delivery times
  • Reduced inventory costs resulting from better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements
  • Turn collections faster based on better visibility into accounts and fewer billing and/or delivery errors
  • Decrease in vendor pricing by taking better advantage of quantity breaks and tracking vendor performance

An ERP system provides the solid operational backbone manufacturers and distributors need to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs. By optimizing your manufacturing and distribution operations with ERP, you’ll also be able to focus on new business opportunities.

Can I purchase individual modules?

Modules can be purchase individually. Some modules have integrated functionality and must be purchased together.

What makes web-based ERP more ideal than server based solution?

Companies have begun asking for enterprise solutions that are broader in scope, address unique challenges and links up with other parts of the organization and that too at a very cost effective price. Linking the solution to their customers, suppliers, partners and branches spread across the globe was a critical aspect for organization. Eresource ERP is the only enterprise solution in India that promises to connect the organization with their respective departments, branches, customers, suppliers, factory that too, locally, nationally and globally. Even without much marketing efforts we have projects that exceeds the bandwidth of eresource Infotech.

Simplifying the Application Lifecycle

Our objective is to consistently improve the time-to-value across the application life cycle. We are making investments in technology services to simplify the entire application life cycle, including installation, configuration, integration, deployment, use, and upgrade. This includes the following services:

Service plans from Dynamic Netsoft that maximize the value of your solution protect the investments and improve the productivity of your organization. One of the benefits of our Service plans is the availability of software updates and upgrades, like hotfixes, service packs, tax and regulatory updates and major release. It includes a commitment for our Vertical Solution to be compatible for any releases from Microsoft Dynamics AX to help our customers control the timing of when they move to the next release and better align with their business plans.

Dynamic Netsoft provides ongoing support for all its current releases of Dynamic Netsoft Industry Vertical Solutions, including RealEstatePro and AXOnePay. In some cases the immediately preceding releases are also supported to support customer business continuity. For details on all our products support policy, please refer to the table below. If you have any questions regarding support for a product, please contact your Dynamic Netsoft representative. If you need technical support, visit the Contact our Web site.

AX in Cloud computing

In the recent past many companies tend to deploy the ERP Systems into the Cloud computing considering the value and the security of the data especially with respect to the banking and insurance domain. It’s just not that multi-national company use the Microsoft dynamics AX even medium level information technology companies prefer Microsoft dynamics AX considering the value, demand and cost affordability and revolution in the supply chain market with in the ERP’s available across the Globe. To keep it in a nut-shell many of the domains like manufacturing, retail, construction, Real-estate, etc companies can store their financial data safely and securely using the integration of cloud computing concept on the Microsoft dynamics AX.

There might be a question prompted from a user perspective whether is there is any possibility of customizing the Microsoft dynamics AX when our data is in cloud? And the answer for this is absolute YES, Perhaps we can definitely do customization and integration as per our customer requirement there by providing the ease and flexibility of using this ERP System. Cloud computing provide us all the avenue to enhance and use the functionalist which are available in the Standard AX. The major advantage of using the cloud for Microsoft dynamics AX is that the system becomes largely scalable, flexible and cost effective in various aspects of the business.