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GDAL Group

GDAL Group is a private Sudanese conglomerate (2400 employees) the largest private company in the country. It operates across business ($450M turnover) sectors including food, engineering, and agriculture. The DAL Group originated from the engineering company Sayer & Colley, founded in 1951 by two British partners when Sudan was under Anglo-Egyptian rule. Sayer & Colley later received Caterpillar’s franchise for the country. In 1966, ten years after Sudan’s independence, Caterpillar transferred the franchise to the Sudanese Tractor Company (SUTRAC) owned by Daoud Abdellatif, with Sayer & Colley retaining a minority share.

Through SUTRAC, DAL also serves several market sectors, including Earthmoving, Petroleum, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Power generation systems, Material handling, and Telecommunication. It offers second to none services and the widest range of integrated solutions for the supply, sales, financing facilities, purchase, and rent of new machines, equipment, and engines.


  • To integrate all sales and after-sales activities and establish smooth and integrated processes across these functions for operational efficiency
  • To provide a robust rental agreement and execution process for all equipment, monitor delivery, and consolidate payment functions
  • Process integration across Sourcing, Purchasing & Inventory functions of the company, automate supply chain management across the enterprise.


  • Microsoft D365 Finance & Operations ERP (650 users) for effective planning of the resources of the Organization.
  • D365 F&O modules included Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Asset Management, Expense Management, and HR Management.
  • Integration with 10+ Automotive and OEM, manage 34 Brands and 700,000 items across their product portfolio.


  • Increased efficiency across Purchasing and inventory functions, managing customer orders, and shipments. Integrated sales activities including pricing & quotations.
  • Integrated after-sales process including service, warranty, and repairs, warehouse management including picking of goods and order types
  • Maintenance of parts catalogs, parts, and replenishment including emergency orders and management process.
  • Fleet management for rentals including contract types, delivery & return, inspection, etc., and repair and maintenance activities of devices across calendar schedules.