ERP Implementation Partner

Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner
ERP Implementation Partner

By Sirajudeen Ismail 


Most often companies spend a considerable amount of time and effort to choose the right ERP Vendor for the organization. But the more important task of choosing the right implementation partner is often ignored or badly managed. Often companies investigate a tunnel vision of one or few criteria for choosing the implementation partner. Having spent more than 2 decades in implementing ERP solutions across the world I have often recommended companies to a more meaningful and careful process of evaluating and choosing the right partner for their ERP implementation. In this article, I would like to highlight 5 key points that are paramount in considering and choosing the right ERP implementation partner.

  • The Right evaluation

Managing the process of evaluating vendors and the right implementation partners often seems to be a process overlooked by many top management and investors. Most often than always ERP implementations is a business decision and are expected to bring process enhancements and benefits to business end-users. Technical departments and administrators have some role to play but are far from being the authorities in decision-making and approval. Seeking the consensus from business stakeholders across the functions of the organization directly impacted by the ERP implementation should be at the fore of decision-making. Experience in the Middle East region often shows that ERP projects are often led by the IT department, and mostly from a budgeting perspective and this often can be a challenge. ERP is a Company’s business decision that impacts knowledge workers and others across the length and breadth of the Organization. And with integration with solutions like RPA, BI & CE, etc.


  • Project Management

This starts with the very definition, the ability to manage Projects, and this starts at the stop. As general management would tell us that the Top Management of any Organization is vital to success, the Project leaders for the implementation can be the difference between success & failure. The ability of the Top management and its project leaders significantly showcases the probability of successful project completion. Their experience and ability and in specific familiarity with similar companies through experience and projects make an astronomical difference. Customers often oversee this and are more interested in the profile of the implementation team of functional & technical consultants. While indeed this is an important factor, to sustain the length of the implementation, oversee many challenges, scope creep, and change management often comes down to the Project Leaders and management capability and commitment.

  • Partner reputation

Reputation often precedes the claim of any partner in their ability to handle projects. Due diligence or Partner evaluation is often a smart effort investment while choosing the right tone. Judging a book by its cover – an old habit that dies hard often seems to be the practice here. And by this, I mean fancy websites and presentations alone may not reflect on the actual credibility of the implementation partner. The number of years in service, customer references, and referrals provide that reassurance much needed before deciding on the partner. While this cannot be such a straightforward task, the ability to network in the marketplace to know more is a sure way to get a good insight into the partner and their success. Gut feelings, Price-points, recommendations alone will not help here as the stakes in the investment are much larger across the length & breadth of the company.

  • Resource strength

Fancy resumes during the time of evaluation can be often misleading while looking at the team that’s going to outline your company’s operational functions and processes. This is like a construction supervisor and his team of vertical specialists who can help build your dream house, significantly important in every aspect. So, the challenge is often to look beyond the obvious and what I mean here is a simple factor – bench strength. This can be so very vital especially in adhering to the timelines of the implementation. A company’s bench strength along with its key resources and experienced ones at that is an absolute must while considering the right implementation partner. All project planning should be backed up by a strong and experienced resource pool along with sizeable bench strength.

  • Vertical Experience

And by this, I mean the difference between a generalist to a specialist. Let’s accept that the world today, a world of Technology demands a core vertical specialist with in-depth knowledge of the industry or the function rather than a generalist. Vertical specialists carry with them the edge that can make the difference in a faster and more accurate requirements evaluation, a more precise design, and faster implementation. Industry vertical specialists or experience in similar implementation projects can help in resource identification and planning. Experience in different modules and sub-modules seems to be in demand to fix complex queries or requirements the very reason companies seem to be looking for a solution provider. Overlooking this is often a mistake that Organizations seem to make and therefore face more challenges adhering to timelines and timely roll-out of the solution. Specialists also make the difference in driving faster adoption and productivity drive is end-users on completion of the project.


There is no denying the fact that choosing an ERP implementation partner can be a challenging process. The lengthy process of information gathering and deliberation not to forget multiple meetings and discussions may not necessarily make the difference. As an experienced consultant and leading 100 plus implementations over the past decades, I can but come close to suggesting a few key factors that can make a difference. I have particularly not made a point on ‘Price’ for the simple reason it’s the very base of most wrong decisions. Remember ERP is not an off-the-shelf product, not definitely for an Enterprise. It’s a solution that impacts the business by streamlining the process and the decision-making ability of an organization, and most importantly make your Organization ETDBW (easy to do business with).

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Dynamic Netsoft Technologies is a Microsoft Gold partner with 6 ISV solutions certified and credited, available on Microsoft AppSource. With over 10 years of plus experience and implementations across the world, Dynamic Netsoft specializes in the Property & Construction vertical. Dynamic Netsoft excels in Microsoft D365 ERP, with experience to manage end-to-end projects including analysis, design, implementation, and support. With more than 100 plus implementations over the years, we have vertical-specific resources both technical and function for customer requirements and success. As a 100+ and growing Company Dynamic Netsoft has a new vision and horizons building new products, enhancing existing capabilities, and expanding business across the world. With offices in the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and partners in Africa, Europe, and the US we are geared to the next level building competency in RPA, BI, and SaaS solutions and capabilities.

About the Author

Sirajudeen Ismail is the CEO/Founder/Chief Solutions Architect of Dynamic Netsoft Technologies. With a career spanning more than 2 decades, Sirajudeen has more than 100 plus project experiences across various ERP products namely SAP, GP, AX, and MS D365 on-prem and cloud. Having architected successful implementations across many industry verticals and the globe he has helped build ISV products accredited by Microsoft today. A man of many virtues he is well known for his in-depth knowledge and experience in the ERP Industry.